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ATTENTION HUNTERS, HORSEMEN, HORSEWOMEN, 4-H AND YOUTH LEADERS Learn to tie double diamond, other hitches and much more about packing in books shown below "Packing and Outfitting Field Manual"lots of good information "How to Build/Rig a Crossbuck and Decker Pack Saddle"step by step "Build a Mini Pack Horse" with pack and hitch to practice with "How to Build Rawhide Panniers", using a raw cowhide or other hide "Do It Yourself Portable Camp Table", for horse shows, hunting camp, kids room, backyard and more Plus "Kid's Arena Hose Play Game" for teaching Horsemanship Skills and Equine Knowledge at the same timeA great teaching/learning game with 400 English and Western questions with answers in addition to a laminated arena layout for the horsemanship portion HAPPY TRAILS TO ONE AND ALL! Email Me 307-745-4553